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The Difference Between Non-woven Bags And Paper Bags
Jul 27, 2018

The bags of two materials we often see, one is non-woven; the other is paper (here is an environmentally friendly paper bag). Then the non-woven fabric can be divided into non-woven handbags, non-woven bags, non-woven shopping bags, etc.; paper can be divided into portable white cardboard bags, clothing paper bags, kraft paper bags and so on. These two kinds of applications are all relatively environmentally friendly, so what is the difference between them? Let me introduce them to you.

The non-woven bag is made of non-woven fabric and is more environmentally friendly. The papermaking process in the early stage of the paper bag is harmful to the environment. Therefore, the environmental performance of the paper bag is lower than that of the non-woven bag. This is the first point. . Then, the second point is that on the printing process, the paper bag can be printed directly on the machine in color, but the non-woven bag is not. The process is relatively complicated, it is printed on the film, and then coated on the non-woven fabric. It is our common coated non-woven bag. If it is color printing, the cost of the paper bag is high. As we all know, the cost of paper is much higher than that of non-woven fabric, and there is a high printing fee, but Its color is more accurate than non-woven fabric. The third point, if it is monochrome printing, then it is worse, the price of non-woven fabrics is low, the paper bags are much more expensive, and the cost of paper bags is much more expensive than non-woven fabrics. Fourth, their order quantity is different. Normally, 1000 non-woven bags can be used. A large size of 500 can be used, and a paper bag is not allowed. Its order quantity is 2000. Fifth, the non-woven fabric can be folded, easy to carry, and the paper is not. The specific price can be quoted according to the customer's requirements and size. This is where the non-woven bag is better than the paper bag. The promotion of the non-woven bag is slowly spread. When it comes to propaganda non-woven bags, it is often used as a good helper by various companies. If you don’t believe it, you You can take a look at various exhibitions. 90% of the publicity is far from non-woven bags, which is its market.

The difference between non-woven bags and paper bags that we learn today, I believe that everyone knows which kind of bag to use, whether it is a non-woven bag made of non-woven fabric, or a paper-made eco-friendly paper bag. Decided, here is a suggestion for everyone, I hope to help everyone.