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The Development Of Non-woven Bag Industry, People's Awareness Of Environmental Protection
Jul 27, 2018

Today, when environmental protection is increasingly concerned by the public, advocating and implementing environmental protection will undoubtedly enhance the brand image. Therefore, non-woven bags that can be recycled have become good advertisements for major brands to promote their brand image. Commercial circulation associations believe that on the one hand, environmentally friendly and non-woven shopping bags can stimulate the interest and interest of more young people; on the other hand, environmentally friendly non-woven shopping bags that are promoted by brands are generally retained by consumers for a long time. , recycled, so it will bring better advertising bags than plastic bags, paper bags.

From the release of the plastic limit order, plastic bags will gradually gradually withdraw from the market, replaced by non-woven bags that can be used repeatedly and are environmentally friendly and durable. Non-woven bags are easier to print than in comparison. The color of the non-woven bag is more vivid and the pattern is vivid and natural.