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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Non-woven Bags
Jul 27, 2018

Although non-woven bags have various advantages, they certainly have shortcomings. What are the specific advantages and disadvantages?


1) Air permeability 2) Filterability 3) Heat preservation property 4) Water absorption property 5) Water repellency 6) Flexibility 7) Not unkempt 8) Good hand feeling and softness 9) Lightness 10) Elastic and recoverable 11) Direction without cloth Sex 12) Compared with woven fabrics, it has high productivity and fast production speed. 13) Low price, mass production and so on.


1) Poor strength and durability compared with woven fabric 2) Cannot be washed like other fabrics 3) Fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so they are easily split from a right angle direction and the like. Therefore, the recent improvement in production methods has mainly focused on preventing the improvement of division.