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What are the ways to increase the load-bearing range of non-woven bags?
Jul 27, 2018

Non-woven bags are now available in circulation and use in many places. We use non-woven advertising bags in many places, and the load-bearing performance of non-woven tote bags will become an important factor in our use. Ordinary non-woven bags can generally withstand a weight of about 10kg, but to withstand greater weight, we can improve from the following process, which can greatly increase the load-bearing performance of non-woven bags.

1. The handle of the non-woven bag is stitched and reinforced

When we walk with a non-woven bag, the weight in all the bags is transferred to the hand strap through the fixed points of the four tote bags, so if we can guarantee the firmness of the four intersections of the hand strap Ensure that the non-woven bag is secure. Therefore, we do the sewing and fork treatment at the hand strap, which is the basic treatment of the order that is generally required for the hand strap.

2. Sewing non-woven bag has superior bearing performance than ultrasonic bonded non-woven bag

The load-bearing performance of the sewing non-woven bag is much stronger than that of the ultrasonic-bonded non-woven bag. This is because the ultrasonically bonded non-woven bag only sticks the non-woven fabric together by high temperature, but when all the forces are concentrated in the hot place, the hot point can not withstand this force.

3. Hand sewing more sewing

In the process of production, we put the hand strap of the non-woven bag as much as possible, so that the area of the force is more, and the load-bearing performance of the bag is greatly increased.

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