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The use of non-woven bags has entered the market saturation period
Jul 27, 2018

After years of rapid development, non-woven bags have entered the saturation stage of the market and have been used in various industries. As a price, performance is still a green bag in a short time. Use, as the price of paper has risen rapidly during this period, the price of paper packaging has also risen. Some customers who used to make paper bags have also begun to choose to use non-woven bags for packaging. The price of non-woven fabrics relative to paper will be More stable. From the perspective of the overall environment, the demand for the entire environmental protection bag is also in a long-term equilibrium period.

As an alternative to plastic bags, non-woven bag products have also played a big role in the use of these years. Many people have developed the habit of shopping with eco-bags in their daily lives, so that they are practical. In the action, the amount of white garbage bags is reduced, and the non-woven bag is also a very good medium for advertising purposes, and the advertising time is also very good. Perhaps this environmentally friendly material will be replaced by more environmentally friendly fabrics in the future, and it is still a very good choice for now.

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