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Several main advantages of custom-made non-woven tote bags
Jul 27, 2018

We know that the non-woven tote bag is an environmentally-friendly bag. The development of a company is inseparable from advertising, and if a company wants to develop very well, it will tend to pay more attention to the role of advertising, so that the company can have better brand effect and performance. So what are the main advantages of custom-made non-woven handbags? Below the You Lin non-woven bag to analyze for everyone.

1. Non-woven bag input cost is small

Nowadays, the investment in advertising, TV, radio and other advertising investment is hundreds of thousands or even millions. This kind of investment is a great investment for some new companies, and the advertising effect of TV and radio is relatively short-lived. And our non-woven bags can be recycled, and the advertising effect is often not lower than short-term TV broadcasts, and the input cost is lower.

2. Non-woven bags are more grade than plastic bags

Non-woven bags are more valuable than plastic bags in terms of thickness, aesthetics and availability.

3. Non-woven handbags are more environmentally friendly

The development of non-woven bags is closely related to environmental protection. The characteristics of recycling have further promoted the popularity of non-woven bags. Now the environmental pollution has promoted people's awareness of environmental protection, and they should be as environmentally friendly as possible. There will be more and more environmentally friendly non-woven bags.

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