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Non-woven bag customization needs to pay attention to small matters
Jul 27, 2018

When we need to do a batch of advertising promotional handbags, it is very likely that we will purchase non-woven bags from non-woven bag manufacturers. So many people do not have experience or experience in this area, so today I will give you Briefly introduce the small things to be aware of when customizing non-woven handbags.

1. Non-woven bag design is generally free

Many companies' propaganda departments or individual owners will not use graphic design software. In this case, non-woven bag manufacturers can design pattern layouts for you free of charge. You only need to use the materials and information used in the design through WeChat or qq. Come over.

2. After the final draft, pay the deposit

After the general design, you need to pay a part of the deposit, which is different from other online shopping, the general deposit does not exceed 50%.

3. Calculate the good construction time and logistics time

The custom manufacturing period of custom non-woven bags will be 7-10 days. In addition, the time of logistics and transportation is also considered. The general logistics time in the province or the neighboring provinces will be within 3 days, and the far-off provinces will be 4 - About 5 days, the remote provinces in the west have longer logistics times, and some even have no logistics options.

4. The final checkout is better to take a larger logistics collection, so that both sides will be guaranteed.

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