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Non-woven bag consumer groups
Jul 27, 2018

As traditional plastic bags fade out, the market for non-woven bags is growing. Many people have abandoned plastic bags and chose non-woven bags. So, among these people, which groups are the main ones?

In fact, some researchers have investigated this problem before. They found that housewives and highly educated intellectuals are the two largest groups of non-woven bags.

Housewives are of course arrogant about what they are. They can’t buy plastic bags every time they go to the supermarket or the food market to buy food. You know, the plastic bags are all extra money, they won’t do it. Such a loss of trading, so generally with a non-woven bag. There are also some intellectuals who are better educated, personally literate, and more environmentally conscious and binding.

For the non-woven bag factory, it is necessary to design non-woven bag products for specific consumer groups. Whether in terms of style or color, it is necessary to cater to their hobbies so that the products may sell better.

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