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Market characteristics of non-woven bags
Jul 27, 2018

At present, most of the plastic bags on the market have been replaced by non-woven bags, and there are more and more non-woven bag factories. Although this kind of substitution has related policy interventions, it is also related to the characteristics of the non-woven fabrics. Below, the author makes a brief introduction to the non-woven fabric.

The first is its solidity. Traditional plastic bag shopping bags are thin and easy to break in order to save costs. But if you want to make him stronger, it will inevitably cost more. The appearance of the non-woven bag solves all the problems, and its toughness is strong and it is not easy to wear. There are some special products that have the advantages of being waterproof, good hand feeling and beautiful appearance.

Secondly, non-woven bags are more economical. Non-woven bags are easier to print than plastic bags, and the color expression is more vivid. Consider adding more beautiful patterns and advertisements to non-woven shopping bags than plastic bags. In addition, the repeated use loss rate is lower than that of the plastic bag, which results in a non-woven shopping bag, which is more cost-effective and brings more obvious advertising benefits.

There is also the value of environmental public welfare that people often say. The repeated use of non-woven bags greatly reduces the pressure of garbage conversion. Coupled with the concept of environmental protection, it can better reflect the image of the company and the effect of the people, so the potential value brought by it is not replaced by money.

It is precisely because of these advantages that the non-woven bag factory's eco-bag products can successfully replace its "big bang" position when the plastic bag is restricted by the market. From this perspective, people's love seems to make sense.

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