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Is the printing process of non-woven bags complicated?
Jul 27, 2018

The printing process of non-woven bags is simply divided into silk screen, watermark, gravure, thermal transfer, etc. We generally use silk screen printing, which is also known as screen printing. This printing method is to produce three processes of film making, plate making and printing after the design is finalized. Whether it prints the area, the number of colors, the color of the color, the quality of the printing materials, the weather and many other factors will have an impact on the cost price. However, it still has advantages. Its advantages are that it should be the most common, the cost is relatively low, and the order quantity is limited. Generally, 1000 can be used. There is no absolute limit on the quantity, and the price is relatively low. However, its shortcoming is that if there are many colors printed, the speed is slow, and the color registration may be inaccurate, and there will be deviations. If there are gradient colors and shadows, the silk screen printing will not be printed. It is suitable for simpler patterns, not too complicated, and not suitable for gradient or color printing. This is silk screen printing. This printing is generally divided into full-page printing and normal printing.

Another is machine printing. The printing ink or glue thickness is relatively thin, the cost is slightly lower than the silk screen printing, and many printing contents are inconvenient to adopt this process, and the production speed is fast, and is not affected by the weather, and the printing content cannot be changed by gradual or colored printing. The dark color on the light fabric is better. Everyone asks how to print if we have a gradient or color. Another method here is film printing. The principle of film printing is to engrave the electro-engraving plate, then print the printing pattern on the PP film, and then heat the printed PP film on the non-woven fabric or woven cloth to print any pattern, even if it is complicated to print. can be realised. It can print any pattern, fast speed, good printing effect, accurate color registration, no restrictions on the complexity of the pattern and color. The disadvantages are: the cost of printing and plate making is high, the plate making plate fee is related to the area and color of the plate making; It is only proportional to the size of the printing area. The number is preferably 20,000. Because the set version is about 2,000 yuan, the loss will be relatively large when starting up, so the quantity will be more favorable, and the minimum quantity will be 10,000. the above. In the case of more patterns and colors, it is better to choose film printing. Which is the best non-woven handbag made in Shijiazhuang? Which printing process do they use? The non-woven bag factory specializes in the production of non-woven handbags, non-woven bags, non-woven shopping bags and other non-woven products. Our factory specializes in silk screen printing, film printing is also possible, two ways each It is useful and avoidable. Which kind of printing process is used to see which kind of non-woven bag the customer needs.

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