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How to calculate the specifications of non-woven handbags
Jul 27, 2018

The size of the non-woven tote bag refers to the size of the non-woven tote bag. When customizing the non-woven tote bag, it is necessary to provide the specific parameters such as the length, width and height of the bag, due to the price of the non-woven bag and the material of the bag. The price of the different sizes is different, and the customer can also choose the corresponding non-woven bag style according to their own requirements. The size of the bag may have a slight error in the production process, if the fixed size is to be installed. The size of the box must be reserved in advance before ordering.

The bottom line has a side line of non-woven handbags. When you measure the size of the bag, you can first stand the bag on the ground. The height from the bottom of the bag to the mouth of the bag is the height of the bag (without the fold), the width of the left and right. For the bag width (including the edging), the left and right width of the side is the side width of the bag (including the edging).

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